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About Us

Northampton Community Sheds (NCS) is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity providing a safe and friendly meeting place for men and women to work together on practical and innovating projects for the good of the community.

History and Development

First established in 2016 as ‘Northampton Men’s Sheds’ and in 2019 as Northampton Community Sheds, when we registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. 

As well as a woodworking workshop, we have developed allotment, computing, upholstery and repair facilities.

The Shed is governed through its trustees and the members, and our activities are chosen and developed by the shedders themselves.


Our Objectives 

To serve the good health and wellbeing of individuals through their active participation in fulfilling and collaborative activities of their own choice; bringing companionship and active involvement in developing local community.  

To reduce loneliness and social exclusion that results from people’s uncertainties, unemployment, financial hardship, bereavement, ill health or old age.


How we meet our objectives:-

  • Northampton Community Shed is currently hosted by Spencer Contact. They make available to us a wide range of damaged or waste items and materials which can be repaired or upcycled. We currently open on Tuesdays and on Fridays. 

  • We provide a place for members to meet, socialise and undertake personal, team and community projects at their own pace and in their own time; with the advantage of guided supervision by people experienced as craft-people and professionals. 

  • Our allotment in Moulton is a place where keen gardeners can share their skills and create a space for people to grow their own vegetables.

  • We hold a number of community social events for our members.


Shaping Our Service

As a member led organisation, we constantly evolve to meet the needs of our members and the local community. New members bring with them a range of new interests and skills to share. 

We have supported many local community groups. 

Members also complete projects for themselves or on behalf of individuals who have requested our support to repair or refurbish items.

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