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Welcome to Northampton Community Sheds

Where Tools Find New Life


At Northampton Community Sheds, we're dedicated to giving tools a second chance while supporting our community. We believe in recycling, reusing, and redistributing tools to those who need them, both locally and globally.

What We Do

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We gladly accept tool donations. Don't worry about creating an exhaustive list; just let us know generally what you have. We'll handle the rest.

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Quality Checks and Upgrades

Our team expertly checks each donated tool. We use these to upgrade existing equipment in our Shed, ensuring our members have access to the best tools possible.

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Affordable Tools for Members

After upgrading our Shed, surplus tools are offered to our members at a nominal cost. This is part of our commitment to making DIY and woodworking more accessible to everyone in our community.

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Local Sales and Global Donations

Tools that are not needed by our members are sold locally, with proceeds supporting our Shed. Additionally, small tools that aren't in demand locally are donated to charities. These charities refurbish them and send them to developing countries, where they make a huge difference.

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Recycling Broken

We don't let broken metal tools go to waste. Instead, we donate them to Spencer Contact, who sell them as scrap metal. This is part of our eco-friendly approach to handle tools that are beyond repair. This not only reduces waste but also contributes to a more sustainable cycle of resource usage.

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Pick Up Service

We understand that transporting tools can be a hassle. That's why we offer a pick-up service for tool donations. Contact us to arrange a convenient time for collection. Please note that due to limited storage space, we're unable to clear out entire sheds or workshops.

Looking for Larger Premises

As we grow, our need for space grows too. We're currently on the lookout for larger premises to expand our community.


Please get in touch if you have a vacant premises or no. of anywhere suitable. 

Details of space required:

Minimum of 2,500 sq. ft

Comprised of several rooms – Workshop area (current areas can be adapted), social area for members to get together


Please complete our contact us form to register your details.


Thank you!

Thank You for Your Support

Every tool donation, purchase, and support helps us continue our work at Northampton Community Sheds. We're deeply grateful to our community for joining us in this endeavor to recycle, reuse, and empower.

Contact us

Spencer contact, Gladstone Close, Northampton, United Kingdom

Thanks for submitting!

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